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South Miami Offers the Perfect Mix of Proximity and Distance

Following sporadic inhabitance by local Native Americans, W. A. Larkins became the first pioneer and settler in South Miami when he arrived in 1897 to start a small dairy. The “Town of South Miami” was incorporated in 1926, named largely to differentiate it from the booming city to the north. That same inspiration—to carve out a distinct identity but remain connected to region’s primary economic engine, remains to this day.

Early days of South Miami were challenged by the devastating hurricane of September 1926 and a fire at the Florida East Coast Railway station. Sustained growth didn’t return until after World War II, when population growth and economic stability allowed the area to prosper after decades of turnover in city government and direction.

South Miami is located next to the University of Miami and within minutes of Miami’s downtown and world-famous beaches. At the same time, its residential areas are defined by leafy neighborhoods and lager lots. A compact downtown features historic buildings, boutiques, and a range of restaurants. Suburban parks such as Palmer Park feature ample space to accommodate Little League baseball and other sports; other parks include tennis courts, ponds, playgrounds, and various open spaces, all of which are enjoyed year round due to South Florida’s balmy climate.

Educational options are available through the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, which sponsors South Miami Elementary School, South Miami Middle School, and South Miami High School. The Miami Conservatory, the area’s oldest and most respected ballet institution, is also located in South Miami. South Miami Hospital is the premier health-care facility for city residents.

To gain proper context for South Miami, the presence of the University of Miami just to the east in Coral Gables is worth noting. The 239-acre campus houses more than 4,000 on-campus students and has been a stalwart intellectual and cultural institution since 1925.

Getting to downtown Miami and other local attractions is possible via the South Miami Station of the area’s Metrorail system. By car, U.S. Highway 1 passes southwest–northeast toward the city, about seven miles away. There, residents have access to the heart of the city’s offerings, from international banking centers by day to some of the nation’s finest restaurants and hottest clubs by night. Exceptional shopping and white-sand beaches, other key components that have earned the area its fame, are equally convenient.

Although close to bustling, urban Miami, South Miami doesn’t house the same number of young, affluent professionals as other Miami enclaves, especially those dominated by glass-walled high rises. The South Miami demographic remains slightly older than the U.S. average, with the median household income nearly 33 percent higher than the state average. The city’s primary objectives remain the retention of its small-town feel and an atmosphere worthy of the “City of Pleasant Living.” Let Saggio Realty help you in finding the perfect property at South Miami.

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