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South Beach: The Best of Miami Beach

Believe it or not, the bustling South Beach of today, with all its reputation for obsessively toned beach bodies and posh living, was once farmland. Its history dates to the late 1800s, when Charles Lum purchased most of the area for coconut farming. By the early 1900s, the area was beginning to be redeveloped into an oceanfront city, albeit a more modest, single-family-home version of modern South Beach.

South Beach began to grow its reputation as a nightlife destination thanks to regular visits from Jackie Gleason and members of the “Rat Pack” during the 1950s and 1960s. A lull in development that made the area a more suitable location for movies like Scarface and the popular television series Miami Vice changed abruptly during the late 1980s, when luxury condominiums replaced dilapidated hotels, forming the core of today’s South Beach. The fashion industry played a major role in revitalizing the area, and its impact lingers today.

Contemporary residents of South Beach enjoy its namesake offering—sparkling white-sand beaches, and warm, aquamarine waters—as well as the opportunity to observe those that come to soak in the sun. South Beach one of Miami’s hottest spots to see and be seen. The high-end life extends beyond the beach to the upscale restaurants and vibrant nightlife that bring endless entertainment to the area, a strong draw for the young and wealthy professionals who make up a considerable population within the diverse demographic.

For those interested in other recreational activities, shopping in SoBe, as South Beach is known locally, offers exquisite boutiques and leading-edge fashion stores, especially along Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. The area continues to attract fashion tourists from around the world, with many foreigners from Europe and Latin America retaining second residences in exclusive locations throughout South Beach.

As its name suggests, South Beach is located on the southernmost end of Miami Beach, just east of the downtown area and immediately north of the exclusive Fisher Island. Proximity to Miami’s urban center, packed with international financial institutions and other thriving businesses, offers an easy commute for residents and a quick transition from play to work—and back from work to play. Miami’s public bus system, Metrobus, connects to the Miami mainland, where residences can continue by bus or take the city’s Metrorail system.

Because of its proximity to the Miami mainland and remainder of Miami Beach, choosing to live in South Beach still offers nearby options for hospitals and schooling that provide the highest standards of health care and education. First Presbyterian International Christian School, Gordon Day School, and Prima Casa Montessori School are all located within South Beach limits.

And, of course, ocean, bay, and city views abound from nearly every residence. Enjoy the best of South Beach with Saggio Realty.

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