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Miami, “The Magic City,” is a testament to humanity’s love for sparkling blue-green waters and the fresh salt-air breeze off the ocean, to say nothing of white sand beaches. Natural beauty and glorious climate, the city’s greatest attractions, have endured the upswings and downturns of other cities more dependent on ephemeral pleasures.

The name Miami derives from the river by the same name, which has linguistic roots in local Native American language. The river originates in the Everglades, winding its way through south Florida until its exit at the Biscayne Bay. The river adds to the attraction of the ocean and further tightens the city’s identity to its natural wetland resources.

Of course, over the past one hundred years, the natural attractions have led to the development of manmade features, which now include towering glass high rises and state-of-the-art parks and arenas for the city’s sports franchises, notably the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat. Dining and nightlife are some of the legendary lures of the city, often featuring fluorescent signs evocative of the bright, colorful aesthetic that defines the city.

History and development—both connected to Miami’s proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean—have built and attracted a diverse population that has, in turn, influenced Miami’s culture. As a cultural “Gateway to the Americas,” Miami’s reputation has long since been in place; over time, the reputation as a financial gateway has continued to grow.

Economic development has attracted many young professionals to the downtown area, where they may walk or cycle to work year round. Public transit, in the form of the Metrorail and Metromover systems, offers alternative methods to move about the city. The median age of the city, with a total population of some 400,000, has continued to decline year after year.

Residential living options include clusters of single-family homes, exclusive gated communities, and some of the newest and most luxurious condominiums available anywhere in the world. The downtown transit infrastructure makes urban living convenient, while the abundance of activities, from leading financial work during the day to high-end dining in the evening, populate downtown Miami with an abundance of interests, all set against the alluring backdrop of some of the finest sand and water on the Atlantic.
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