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Coral Gables owes its present reputation and past history to a single man: George Merrick. Merrick, who founded Coral Gables in the 1920s, developed the community from land that originally formed his family’s grapefruit plantation. From those agricultural roots, he grew one of the nation’s premier “boutique” municipalities, now with plenty of beautiful Coral Gables homes for sale.

To achieve this feat, Merrick focused on several key aspects of convenient and pleasurable existence, which have translated well over the decades. Residential neighborhoods were tucked away in various corners, secluded from the din of restless commercial energy. Coral Gables apartments for rent are secured for safe and peaceful enjoyment. Architectural themes referenced an idyllic Mediterranean vision, complete with inspirations drawn from the castled palaces of Spanish royalty.

And when they left their homes, residents were treated to a surrounding community that provided every amenity, led by Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile retail quarter, which still features charming boutiques that match the aesthetic of the community. Apartments for rent in Coral Gables include convenient access to high-quality health care, schools, and places of worship. Recreational activities abound, including the year-round enjoyment of golf, swimming, and tennis.

Even the infrastructure was thoughtfully deployed by Merrick, with broad avenues and well-placed landscape features to highlight the subtropical flora. Some of the earliest structures erected in Coral Gables quickly transcended their immediate utility to become area landmarks.

Coral Gables homes for sale, from townhomes to luxury condominiums to historic cottages and mansions, continue to reflect the diverse market in the area. The real estate landscape includes smaller living spaces clustered near the city center with sprawling estates farther away, particularly along the Alhambra, Granada, Riviera, and Old Cutler Road corridors. The Old Cutler Road corridor includes some of greater Miami’s most exclusive Coral Gables houses for sale, nestled within a gated waterfront community. These include Cocoplum, Gables Estates, Journey’s End, and Old Cutler Bay.

The mix of old and new retains the focus of Merrick’s initial intent, whether the architectural addition provides new living spaces such as Coral Gables apartments for rent, dining options, or shopping exploits. The city’s population of some 50,000 is spread across 13 square miles. About three out of every four residents own their properties, and a significant percentage also conduct their business within city limits. The concentration of international businesses—including more than 150 multinational corporations and in excess of two dozen consulates and trade offices—also dates to the early efforts of Merrick, who brought the city’s first international corporation to Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

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