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Claudia Acosta, is a Dedicated Real Estate Associate with many years of Experience. Specialized on Residential, Commercials, Business Improvement, Investments, Development, Short Sales, Finance and much more. Claudia is completely dedicated to the Lead of Saggio Team, as the Company Director, she represents the Miami’s agents on the Company, gives them Support, Assistance in any matter and her Total Drive is to make the Company to Grow and Succeed. Previously worked as an Assistant with Attorneys, therefore she knows well the work with Litigations, formulating and mediating with Contracts, and Legal Decisions, work with Investments in order to obtain Visas EB 5 as an Investor in the Real Estate Campus. She will be your best tool at the time of evaluating the Market and making an important Decision at the time of closing a Business. Beside all the Professional Aspects, which She cares the most, her Personality is the best Asset She has…. You will always find in her a Smile and a solution for everything, no matter how difficult could be any situation, she will always take care of your matters as the most important thing in the world. Always answering calls and emails the soonest possible, giving Agents and Clients the Best Possible Attention. If you ever need any kind of assistance don’t hesitate in contacting with her. Let her be your friend

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